Wendy Boland PT

**PLEASE NOTE:** The appointment you booked online has been reserved for you. It will be confirmed once you receive a call from Wendy to determine what type of appointment you require: telehealth or in person. If an in person appointment is deemed necessary, you will be informed of the safety procedures in place and will be required to do a telephone COVID-19 screen prior to coming for your appointment.

PARKING: Please park in the driveway either in the free spot or behind one or both of my cars :Silver Toyota Highlander or charcoal grey Toyota RAV4.

PROCEDURE: Please wait in your car for me to call you to come in for your appointment.

WHICH DOOR TO USE: Please come around the house to the back door. When looking at the house, there is a path on the right side that will lead you to the back of the house.

Wendy Boland PT

915 Iroquois Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2A 3N4

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